Stylish seating made from recycled apple crates.

Sink into sustainable luxury with our STEVE benches! Crafted from repurposed plastic apple crates, these outdoor sofas blend comfort and creativity with a dash of apple-inspired charm. Whether you're enjoying a sunny afternoon in the park or hosting a gathering in your backyard, each sofa provides a cozy retreat with its ergonomic wooden inlay.

Spotted amidst our cycling adventures in South Tyrol: the colorful apple crates. As we cycled through South Tyrol on our road bikes, we kept passing these vibrant apple crates. Intrigued, we decided to inquire whether they were produced by a specific vendor and if it was possible to purchase them. During our cycling trips, these crates never escaped our notice, sparking all sorts of creative ideas about their potential uses.So, clad in our cycling gear, we found ourselves in the producer's office. Our enthusiasm for the apple crates was palpable, evident in our eyes. The producer explained that many of these crates develop minor defects over time, rendering them unstable and unsuitable for use. Consequently, they must be shredded to be recycled into new crates—a far more labor-intensive process than manufacturing new ones. Giving these slightly defective crates a new lease on life seemed like a wonderfully sustainable idea. With careful consideration alongside our primary creative work, we embarked on the task of crafting a sofa from half an apple crate. And here it is, our first prototype. If you're interested in this sustainable sofa, simply send an email to